Develop your Tennis Skills.

Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is designed for players from around the world between 13 to 23 years of age. The Academy system allows all levels of players to enjoy high performance training,regardless of whether they are aiming for a basic or advanced level.
Furthermore, they will receive an ideal combination of tennis training, language studies and leisure activities that allows them to enjoy an unforgettable summer.

Winter Camp

Take advantage of your Spring, Fall and Winter break. Come to Giammalva Racquet Club to live the ASC Experience and take your tennis to the next level. 

The Weekly Holiday Camp combines High Performance Tennis Training, which includes technical exercises, tactical strategy and competition, with specific physical training and mental training. The Weekly Holiday Camp Program during Spring and Fall also includes daily language classes in either Spanish or in English. 

Players from 8 to 23 years of age can enjoy this program for one week or as many weeks as they wish.

Weekly Programs

You will train under the same system as our annual players, receiving high performance tennis with a special emphasis on physical conditioning. Our method is suitable for all types of players, regardless of age, physical fitness, or tennis experience.