«Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the field and you really can’t tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way»

Former 28 ATP and owner of Giammalva Raquet Club since 2001.

Owner Sammy Giammalva, is a former tennis pro ranked 30 in the world by the age of 18. After attending Rice University and getting married, Sammy worked as tennis director for five years. However, he desired to have an encouraging atmosphere where friends and family could come together for one common purpose, tennis. That’s when Sammy decided to open his own racquet club in March 2000, where he and the entire Giammalva staff have provided a fun, social, and active environment.

«Every player is a personal project for our team»

Victor has been involve with tennis for over 20years, as a player he was highly nationally ranked in the country of Chile 14 – 16 and highly ranked in Spain 16-18. As well as play multiple Futures ITF as he finally decided to play in the American collegiate system starting his Business degree in 2008 ..
He also play as number one player and team captain for all 4 years at Georgia Southwester state University  NCAA DII. Where he obtain his BBA in Marketing. Presidential roll . 
As a Coach he was Head coach in Barcelona total tennis, very prestegious academy working under the supervision of Francis Roug ( Rafa nadal team coach ) , Jordi Vilaro ( former 4 top ten players , Ferdasco, Robredo, Lopez and MAntilla) During this period of time he was able to colaborate with USTA national team and help Bjon fratangelo 100 ATP, Noah Rubin 100 ATP , Spencer papa OU players within other to play the European tour tournaments in 2011.  And work with a numerous number of players ranke internationall in the ATP, ITF and WTA. 
In 2011 he took the responsibility of directing the Academy program with Sammy Giammalva , the founded Giammalva Elite Tennis academy in 2011 with the only purpose of helping finding young promises and develop them to the highest level  in tennis and life. 
During this past year of directing the academy he has help a numerous number of players to find full rides in NCAA, NAIA. As well as develop players to be highly ranke internationally and Nationally. 
His consistency and dedication to develop goes even beyong the academy since he still colaborate with USTA TEXas and TEAM USA working in multiple camps, nationally and regionally. As well as being USTA captain in team competitions in 14’s 16s and recently name World team tennis camptain in 2018. 
Victor believe that every players is a personla proyect and he trully thrives to achieve every kids and players goals. 
Currently he is working with Haddy Habib 600ATP, Alexanders Razegui 1 in Nation U12,  Jeanette Mireles  700 ITF , Grant Lothringer Top 30 US Boys 16. 

«Every player is a personal project for our team»

Maryfer Abreu-Aguirre
– From Valencia, Venezuela
– Played multiples State, Regional and National tournaments in Venezuela at the age of 12-18
– As a player Top 10 Nationally ranked in Venezuela from ages of 12-18
– Former College Player
– Played Tennis College in 2010 – 2014 in a top 3 NAIA Division School (Oklahoma Christian University). Got a Marketing Management Degree
– NAIA First Team All-American
– Team Regional Champion 3 years in a row
– Team Participated 3 years in a row in the NAIA Division National Tournament 
– 5 years of Experience working with
  • 10 & Under Orange Ball and Green Ball kids
  • Juniors (Challenger, Champ, and SuperChamp Level)
  • Adults (2.0 – 5.0 Levels)
– In 2014 started working as a Tennis Pro at Indian Springs Country Club in Oklahoma for 2 years
– Currently working at Giammalva Racquet Club since 2016

«There are not shortcuts to success.»

Helga Pinones-Haltenhoff started playing tennis at nine years old and competed in ITFs around SouthAmerica. Helga became number two in Chile and started playing internationally. At the age of 12 years old she started training in one of the best academies in Europe, BTT (Barcelona Total Tennis). This academy is situated in Barcelona, Spain and has the best coaches such as Jordi Vilaro, Frances Roig, Alvar Marquez, and Pipo Maresma who train top 10 WTA and ATP players. She competed for WTA for several years and later on became a coach for BTT. After learning and growing with one of the best academies she decided to move to EE.UU to play for college. 


Tennis Coach


Tennis Coach


Fitness Head Coach


Assistant Head Coach


Tennis Coach

«We measure our happiness in different ways. Teaching tennis is my one»

Ahmed Triki

Tennis Coach

«There are no shortcuts to success»